10 Odd American Towns That People Should Think Twice About Before Trying To Visit

By Dan Fitzpatrick

From coast to coast, the United States is filled with picturesque small towns, with corner stores and church steeples, that would be right at home on a postcard. However, tucked inside the wilderness and off lost highways, there are other communities that look nothing like the ideal small town — some don't even look like they're from this planet!

Most of these towns would make for a fun weekend destination, though you would be wise to steer clear of a couple of others. And as strange as these locales are, their residents are sometimes even stranger. Ready for a visit?

1. If you're looking to spray paint your name across a highway, take a trip out to Centralia, Pennsylvania. You can easily do it because nobody drives on that road. Nobody does much of anything there. Just watch out for the pavement — it might be a little bit hot...
YouTube / Ground Pilot Images
An underground coal fire broke out in 1962 and continues in parts of the town today. Almost the entire population abandoned their homes, though a handful stayed behind. The government razed most buildings in Centralia to keep squatters from moving in, and the post office revoked this ghost town's zip code.
2. What beats an abandoned town? A town with exactly one resident! That's the case for Monowi, Nebraska. Though it reached a booming population of 150 in the mid-1930s, nearly all its inhabitants moved away or died off over the years. But who exactly would stick around such a place?
Alyssa Schukar
Meet Elsie Eiler, the mayor, bartender, and librarian of Monowi. She's in her eighties, but Elsie manages to keep herself and the town in good shape. Elsie's "neighbors" — from 40 miles away — visit her every week, so she doesn't get too lonely.
Alyssa Schukar
3. Whittier boasts a population of 214 people, which isn't bad for a small Alaska town. The only difference is that nearly all of them live in a single building. In fact, residents hardly ever need to leave their collective home, known as the Begich Towers.
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Their building contains almost everything you'd need, whether it's a police station, supermarket, church, or video rental store. In a pen outside the Begich Towers, some people even keep pet reindeer, which handle the frigid conditions way better than their human pals.
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