20 Insanely Valuable Items That Turned Up On Antiques Roadshow

By Paul Fox

Some people are fascinated by antiques and the history they carry. Not only that, but it's interesting to see how valuable their "old junk" might be worth over time.

That's just part of the reason why the long-running television series Antiques Roadshow is so fun to watch. It's great to see the looks on people's faces when they realize how wealthy they're about to become!

The following 20 items are among the most surprising and valuable antiques that were ever featured on the show. Can you imagine finding something like these in your home?

1. Oil painting by Joseph Kleitsch: Someone brought this piece to Antiques Roadshow to get it appraised. Their parents had purchased it for just $100 in the late 1920s. Fine art expert Debra Force, however, estimated that it was worth half a million dollars!
2. Stirling Moss's car: During a 2010 episode in Beverly Minister in Yorkshire, England, a seemingly ordinary, if very old, car turned out to have once belonged to world-famous race car driver Stirling Moss. It sold at auction for $50,000!
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3. Halt in the Desert by Moonlight: While redecorating their house in 1986, a couple found this watercolor painting, which turned out to have been missing since 1857! It was sold to the British Museum for $100,000.
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4. Drawing of Lord Admiral Nelson: This was never seen by most of the world until a 2012 Antiques Roadshow episode. It was drawn in 1800, and though it had been hanging in Suffolk, England's Royal Hospital School for some time, it was valued at $100,000. It now sits in the Royal Navy Museum.
5. Fabergé drinking vessel: In 2010, this extravagant piece was originally given to the ward of the HMS Talbot by the emperor of Russia. It was estimated to be worth roughly $600,000 to $700,000, thanks to the unique metal that it was made from.
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6. Shakespeare's notebook: This notebook from the 17th century is believed to be one of the oldest that the Bard ever had. It even includes quotes and other notes regarding his plays! It was estimated to be worth roughly $30,000.
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