This 100-Year-Old Mansion Is On Sale For Just $10 But There’s One Little Catch

By Ryan Unger

Owning a mansion is something very few of us have the privilege of doing, but most of us dream about. It's fun to picture ourselves coming home to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, in-home movie theater, and bubbly jacuzzi after a long day of work. It's just too bad they're so darn expensive!

But what if you found out that you can own a palace-sized home for less than it costs to buy dinner? Would you invest?

In Montclair, New Jersey, a 111-year-old mansion was recently put on the market, and it can be yours for the mind-blowingly low price of $10! But, there's one huge catch...

Most people dream about owning a mansion. Imagining a life where you're able to enjoy a huge pool, warm jacuzzi, and an indoor movie theater is just plain fun! Recently, in New Jersey, a lovely 111-year-old mansion hit the real estate market, and it can be all yours for $10! Yes, you read that correctly: $10. But, as you'll find out, there's one huge catch...
The property is located in the town of Montclair, which is a scenic suburban area full of friendly residents. It's the ideal location for someone looking to settle down and raise a family. Not surprisingly, the mansion is even located on a road called Pleasant Avenue.
In 1906, renowned local architect Dudley S. Van Antwerp built the residence. He started his design practice in 1900, and he constructed famous buildings such as the Montclair Wachtung Avenue Congregational Church and the Yacht Club in Bayside, Long Island. So, what's the deal?
This particular Colonial-style mansion contains six bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. It also has a private exterior tennis court and a carriage house. The house itself is nearly 4,000 square feet, and it sits comfortably on two-and-a-half acres of land.
Given the sheer size and numerous amenities, it has a market value price of $1.35 million. Although that sounds expensive, many of the surrounding Montclair homes sell for around that price. It's that kind of area.
The home also has some important historical significance to it. It was once owned by the first African American athlete to captain the famed Notre Dame football team, Aubrey Lewis. Lewis eventually went on to become one of the first black members of the FBI.