20 Rarely Discussed Details About Upscale Hotels That They Try To Keep From Their Guests

By Ryan Unger

Unless you have friends or family who live nearby, chances are you stay in a hotel or a motel whenever you travel away from home. Millions of people pass through these establishments every year, and each one does what it can to accommodate guests' needs.

That said, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes the guests don't know about—nor do hotel employees want them to know. Here are 20 hotel secrets the employees try to keep under wraps!

1. If you ever see the "No Vacancy" sign lit up, don't fret! Most people don't realize this, but hotels will sometimes light the sign when they only have a few rooms left. Always make sure to call the front desk before you drive by.
2. If you ever think you can get away with ordering some "adult" entertainment and claim it was an accident, don't bother trying. Not only can hotels see what you've ordered, but most of them can also see exactly how long you watched.
3. As a guest, you obviously want to get the best room you can for the lowest price. In order to ensure that happens, you should book early on in the month—and always on a Sunday. Of course, hotels won't tell you that.
4. As much as you'd like to think all hotels clean their sheets regularly, that simply isn't the case. The luxurious ones do, sure, but some of the cheaper places may clean them as infrequently as once every 90 days!
5. While you might worry the most about how clean the hotel's bedding is, there are plenty of other surfaces in the room that should make you wonder. Light switches are absolutely one of the dirtiest places in a hotel. Even if they look clean, give them a quick wipe, just in case!
6. Before using the hotel remote control to turn on the television, always clean it first. Remotes are not one of the items typically disinfected by cleaning staff, and they can be one of the least sanitary items in the room!