Celebrities That Nearly Lost It All In Bitter Divorce Battles That Played Out In Public

By Rusty Epstein

Divorce hurts — there's no getting around that. Hours spent in court, long discussions with lawyers, endless arguments. This process only gets messier when celebrity reputations and fortunes are on the line. More than a few stars have tried to sweep their legal separations under the rug.

But for some, there's a silver lining at the end — especially if your ex has some serious cash on hand! Those who feel wronged by a spouse are usually the most hungry for a big payout, after all. Not only did these celebs break hearts when they ended their marriages; they also broke the bank and nearly lost everything.

1. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis: With Bruce saying “he had failed as a father and husband,” Demi ended their 11-year marriage with three children, some fond memories, and a $90 million settlement — not to mention a hunky younger boyfriend.
2. Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos: MacKenzie is walking away from her divorce with about $35 million in Amazon shares, making her the third-richest woman in the world. But she worked hard to earn that; in Amazon's early days, she handled all the books and negotiated several contracts.
3. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore: Mel's 2006 fall from grace included a DUI arrest and an anti-Semitic rant. Robyn was having none of that and quickly divorced him, raking in $425 million because they never signed a prenup.
4. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren: Tiger and Elin split in 2010 after reports came out about his affairs with several other women. Elin got hers though; she walked away from the marriage with a $750 million settlement. Fore!
5. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Maria Torv: In one of the largest divorce settlements ever, Anna was awarded $1.2 billion after the couple ended their 32-year marriage. Breaking up is never easy, but a cool billion probably helps.
6. Michael and Diandra Douglas: After nearly 20 years of marriage, the couple split and Diandra won half of Michael's fortune: $45 million! The divorce was contentious, and the couple is still duking it out decades later.