Why Being Amish Can Actually Make You A Ton Of Money

By Valerie Mulder

Drive through the heart of Pennsylvania and you'll see one of the United States' most reclusive and mysterious communities — the Amish. Most know little about them, maybe only that the women wear bonnets and the men raise barns. But the Amish have a few financial tricks that might be of use to you.

Because they don't wear designer shoes, drive convertibles, or use smartphones, it's hard to imagine how much money these traditionalists might have, but don't be fooled! Taking a page out of the Amish handbook could seriously benefit your bank account...

Most people in the United States manage to save just  6% of their income, but Amish people set aside at least 20%, talk about thrifty! An Amish man once said he's "happy to get a little richer every day from interest accrued on savings."
One man managed to save up a whopping $400,000 in the bank in 20 years, despite renting a farm and raising 14 children. With those savings, he could finally buy his own farm and a trampoline for the kids.
Similarly, the Amish do their best to make sure they're getting good-quality items at a fair price. They like to get things that stand the test of time but without getting fooled by advertisements or unfair price tags.
But that doesn't mean they don't spend money on fun times! Most enjoy hunting trips, for example, and they often buy books, games, and other amusement items. Still, these are luxury expenses and therefore, not the higher priority.
To keep families big and costs low, shopping for second-hand clothing and household items at thrift stores and garage sales is something the Amish have mastered. And for gifts, they usually produce their own baked goods or decorations.
This trend is picking up all over America, with thrift stores noting record sales as people try to save money and shop responsibly (by not supporting inhumane labor conditions, for example). There's even a song about thrift shops!